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My Personal Energy Healing -- 2/7/11 at 1:30pm 
by Steve Meyer
"I took 3 nights and 3 days off of work, to step by step find out why I ended up where I did, and what I was like in the past --- there were a series of beliefs about changes, and problem solving, and crisis management, etc etc  that were tied to negative beliefs, not positive -- the deadly combo that collided in my '07 devistating career loss, and knocked me down for the count.
I had to find an unconventional method of getting back to my old state of mind, and since you can't change the past, the only way this could be done would be to change certain beliefs about types of events, and place them in a certain sequence working from the present to the past, systematically having all past experiences not have effected me at all. hold onto your hat now Mother --- I got to the sequence of changes needed, and found them to be "in theory" correct. Then I had to believe that if I could adopt these beliefs, in order as I had written,and that they would work. Then I had to believe that my mind would accept them without question, and that I had come up with a way to fix all issues at once, and it would work.
took 5 seconds / I was awake and felt layer by layer of beliefs change, which one by one, removed doubts and ability to resolve issues and so on and so on, and at the end of this change in my mind eliminating negative responses to all of my life events which led to my depression, there was a moment of calm, and then I felt all at once, my mind analyze what just happened, and like a light switch turning on, I felt my confidence come back, a feeling that i had not felt for many, many years. "



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